A Collection Of Safety Slogans In Hindi

We don’t understand hindi ourselves, but roughly 280 million people do as it is the largest language in India. As in all countries and regions in the world, safety is very important and should never be ignored. That is why we would like to present some good safety slogans in hindi. How about these three?

– सुरक्षा ही सर्वोपरि है 
– पहली प्राथमिकतासुरक्षा
– सुरक्षा सर्वप्रथम 

If you would like to protect your eyes in your home or in your workplace, a pair of safety glasses is what you need. Saving your eyes from injury and blindness comes at a very low price. All other kind of safety gear are also available at affordable prices at the same place. Buying proper safety gear is highly recommendable, but more safety slogans in hindi can also save the life and health of you and your colleagues. So, here are three more safety slogans in hindi:

Motorcycle Helmet
Safety Slogans in Hindi Are Good. Wearing a Helmet Even Better!

– उचित उपकरण का उपयोग करें
– दुर्घटनाओं चोटनहीं सुरक्षा
– कलआज सुरक्षित रूप से कार्य करने के लिए आपका इनाम

These are great slogans for inspiring your colleagues and bosses to strive for a safer workplace, which we all benefit from.

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Stay safe! :)

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